Soft Magnetic Materials Characterization Platform

The Characterization Lab plots the hysteresis cycles and evaluates losses of magnetic materials used in electrical machines. The lab includes a single sheet tester (SST) for unidirectional field measurements, a rotational power loss tester (RPT) for 2D and rotating field tests and an Epstein frame for standard reference tests.


Single Sheet Tester

  • For 60*60mm samples
  • Up to 1mm thickness
  • Up to 20000 A/m, 20kHz (fundamental)
  • H / B sine regulation or abitrary waveform
  • Possibility of temperature tests up to +300°C

Epstein Frames

  • IEC 60404-2 & 60404-10
  • For 30*300mm samples
  • Up to 30000 A/m, 10kHz (fundamental)
  • H / B sine regulation or arbitrary waveform
Rotary position tester

  • For 60*60mm samples
  • Up to 5mm thickness
  • Up to 10000 A/m, 5kHz (fundamental)
  • Sine regulation or arbitrary waveform
Primary Power Amplifiers

  • Up to ±28A, 1kW
  • Bandwidth = 1MHz (-3dB)


  • 2 Epstein frames (IEC 60404-2 & 60404-10) for standard measures.
  • Single Sheet Tester (SST) for complementary measurements to the Epstein frames,
  • 2D tester (RPT) for the study of electromagnetic properties in rotating field conditions
  • 1MHz bandwidth and capable to generate non-sine
  • excitation waveforms for SST and RPT
  • Iron loss modeling, and characterization