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After 5 years, 31 PhD students, of the first two cohorts, have now defended their thesis.

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Theses in progress

> Composite, Materials & Processes

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Paul Cazaumayou Carbon fiber roving impregnation by aqueous slurry of thermoplastic polymer LOMC / CRISMAT
Jennifer Mackie Modeling of melting and impregnation phenomena in the thermoplastic composite tape manufacturing process ICA


> Metallic Materials & Processes

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Antoine Casadebaigt High temperature oxidation of Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated by additive manufacturing CIRIMAT


> Innovative Assemblies & Surfaces

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Maxence Gombault Elaboration of multifunctional coatings by plasma spray for aeronautical applications IRCER
Martin Huré Study of icephobic and anti-contamination properties of coatings for aeronautical application ICA
> Dielectrics, Conductors & Plasmas

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Robin Acheen Determination and influence of the existence of partial discharges in a railway traction system using SiC-based components LAPLACE / LSEE
Amin Benyoucef Development of a space load measurement technique dedicated to aeronautical cables for HVDC on-board networks LAPLACE
Thomas Vazquez Characterization of the effects on its environment of a DC arc initiated in a bundle in aeronautic conditions LAPLACE


> Components Modeling & Reliability

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Emna Ben Romdhane Analytical and numerical model enhancement of soldering interconnects microstructural behaviour based on Multiphysics experimental investigation IMS
Saliha Chetouani Development of a methodological approach for the management of components obsolescence for EMC LAAS
André Durier Development of a methodology for investigating EMC non-conformities based on near field measurement in immunity and numerical simulation for the qualification of electronic boards LAAS / IMS
Manuel Gonzalez-Sentis Failures characterization and modeling of GaN power transistors in switching regime LAAS / CNES
Catherine Ngom Methodology development using X-rays and pulsed laser for the evaluation of radiation effects in advanced semiconductor components IES
Sébastien Serpaud Application of the near-field emission measurement method to improve the design and the investigation of EMC non-compliance at electronic board level LAAS


> Power Technologies & Integration

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Plinio Bau CMOS Gate Driver for Wide Bandgap Transistors in Aerospace Applications LAPLACE
Arnaud Cariou Contribution to model iron losses in electrical machines G2Elab
Hans Hoffmann Sathler Innovative filter with GaN-based multilevel inverter of 70kVA SATIE
Marie Lévêque Hybrid pumping capillary mechanical two-phase loop LAPLACE / Pprime
Quang Chuc Nguyen Thermal optimization to design innovative integrated power modules in embedded systems LAAS / ICAM
> Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Pierre-Jean Barjhoux Computational aspects of numerical optimization for large scale aircraft multimaterial structures ISAE SUPAERO


> Systems Engineering

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Nikolena Christofi Towards a new multi-model approach on system architecture optimisation for operational diagnosis LAAS
> Digital Signal Processing

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Youssouf Drif Dynamic management of satellite resources using SDN and NFV IRIT


> Intelligent Systems & Data

PhD student Thesis topic Laboratories
Gaétan Bahl Deep Learning architectures for onboard satellite image analysis Inria
Timothée Jammot Meshing and planning of large area acquisitions using adaptive multi-agent systems and machine learning techniques IRIT / ISAE SUPAERO
Eduardo Sanchez Change detection in time series using mono and multi sensor satellite images IRIT / Polytechnique Montréal