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We created a place where people from different backgrounds come together, a unique place for exchange and collaboration. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds makes the IRT Saint Exupéry a catalyst of skills in the service of innovation.

At our sites in Toulouse, Bordeaux and Sophia Antipolis, we offer an integrated collaborative environment composed of engineers, researchers, experts and PhD students from academia and industry for research projects and R&T services supported by technological platforms around 4 axes: advanced manufacturing technologies, greener technologies, smart technologies and methods & tools for the development of complex systems.


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Head of the High Reliability Energy Competence Center

"IRT for me is a meeting place between different human and professional experiences. It is “the place to be” for anyone who is curious and technology-addicted like me. I am really attached to the multi-cultural aspects, as illustrated by my background (Italy, Germany, and USA) and my multi-professional career (researcher, engineer, and entrepreneur).

Complexity, often seen as a shortcoming, is a challenge for me. Things that are easy have never interested me. What attracted me to IRT Saint Exupéry was also the difficulty of the challenges."


Expert in deep learning

"The abundance of all these different kinds of profiles is great. I like the simultaneous closeness between researchers and industrialists....  Not to mention being in touch with the new generation of engineers that learned to read by coding. That also imposes a very dynamic rhythm, which I like a great deal."


state of mind

freedom to create

freedom to create

The freedom to exchange, to try, to make mistakes & to try again. To give our employees the opportunity to "get out of the box", to be a source of ideas, to experiment and to show curiosity.

pioneer spirit

pioneer spirit

The pioneer spirit is the DNA of IRT Saint Exupéry. We define ourselves as explorers, curious and open to the world, serving tomorrow's technologies, inspired by the values of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, author, artist, humanist and engineer.

passion for technology

passion for technology

We all share the same goal: to have a virtuous impact on tomorrow by paving the way for disruptive technologies and accelerating the transfer of these technologies to industry. That is our commitment.

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Human resources corner

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