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Technological Axes

Technological Axes


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Our strength lies in the collective. We create a bridge between public and private research in order to facilitate the transfer of technologies and skills. Join our research projects and let's develop together the technologies of tomorrow.


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Our technology platforms offer a full range of differentiating and multidisciplinary equipment in our four areas of expertise: materials & processes, energy, systems engineering and modeling, artificial intelligence and communications.

MOLY project: towards high-performance, environmentally-friendly polymer foams

In the face of current environmental challenges, innovation in composite materials is becoming essential in order to find solutions that will eventually enable the use of parts manufactured using processes[…]

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Fanny Jourdan defended her thesis on “Advancing fairness in Natural Language Processing: from traditional methods to explainability”

On June 28, 2024, Fanny Jourdan presented her thesis at IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique) in Toulouse, she prepared this thesis at EDMITT (Ecole Doctorale de Mathématiques, Informatique et Télécommunications de Toulouse). During her thesis, Fanny was part of the DEEL project team at ANITI.

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Dismountable bonded assemblies: a solution for the future supported by IRT Saint Exupéry

The need for products to be recyclable and reusable, in a context of eco-circularity, is now prompting many manufacturers to turn to demountable adhesive bonding. The IRT Saint Exupéry has[…]

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The CoSMoS project: increasing the maturity of the use of MBSA analyses!

Following the completion of the S2C (System & Safety Continuity) project, a collaborative inter-IRT project involving Saint Exupéry and SystemX, focusing on digital continuity between system definition and safety analyses,[…]

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CAPITAL Workshop 2024: sCalable And PrecIse Timing AnaLysis for multicore platforms

The Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT) and IRT Saint Exupéry invite you to the CAPITAL Workshop on June 14, 2024. Registration is free but mandatory to help[…]

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AI-based satellite pose estimation

IRT Saint Exupery is proud to publish an open dataset dedicated to vision based navigation for space rendezvous ! Space rendezvous, the capability for two space satellites to make contact,[…]

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The SiCRET + project: understanding & preventing the ageing of SiC modules

Three years after the launch of the initial SiCRET project, SiCRET+, a project which began in October 2023, is extending the scope of its study to include silicon carbide (SiC)[…]

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GRINHELEC: Developing and characterizing a greener insulation for high-voltage cables

In a context where European regulations will eventually require a massive restriction of the use of fluorinated polymers, GRINHELEC (GReen INsulation for High power ELECtrical harnesses) project intends to make[…]

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