Optimization of complex system development cycles and costs


systems engineering and modeling


multi-disciplinary optimization

  • mathematical search engine offering a catalog of MDO formulations: GEMSEO - Generic Engine for Multidisciplinary Scenarios, Exploration and Optimization
  • interface with industrial disciplinary optimization workflows
  • state of the art optimization and post-processing toolbox

systems engineering & HW/SW

  • software platforms for multi-skilled system engineering in extended enterprise
  • digital platform simulator for early software development and test dematerialization: VLAB
  • architectural exploration software: SPACE STUDIO

electrical simulation

  • EMC simulation software: CST, etc.
  • semiconductor / natural radiation simulation software: SANTORUS
  • transversal simulation software: COMSOL, SIMULINK, MATLAB, PSPICE, MATHCAD

materials simulation

  • thermo-mechanical behavior modeling software: ABAQUS, COMSOL, THERMOCALC
  • manufacturing process simulation software: MSC, MORFEO, FORGE



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