Your project with us

Your Projects with the IRT Antoine de Saint Exupéry : Winning Innovation

Your project with us

Any of your idea as long as it is within the frame of One of the IRT technological axis and in a relative low technological development level can be instructed as a project. Our objective is to help you in a smooth and effective way to mature your technologies. Flexibility, skills development, access to platforms and expertise, colocalization, and cofunding as spine of the projects in IRT Saint Exupéry.


  • Provide a customized formula to suit the needs of SMEs
  • Bring together corporations, laboratories and SMEs
  • Industrial contribution of different kind: Staff seconding, cash, equipment and materials.

Platforms & Capabilities

  • To guarantee technical excellence, you can access to our :
  • 11 technology platforms.
  • 30 experts.
  • Scientific Steering Committee and International Technology Advissory Board

Close collaborative working

  • Collaborative Projects are co localized in the IRT
  • Our sites have lab facilities and are staffed by 80 industrials members
  • Professional exchange through our Domain Technical Committees.
  • Professional exchange with other networking activities

Project Preparation & launch

  • Open to any company with a project idea in the field of IRT technological axis.
  • Follows a simple & continuous process
  • Requires just one decision from our Board of Trustees
  • Works to a three
  • month instruction time target

Co funding

  • The PIA specific model means you can leverage x 5
  • Possible of launching a collaborative project, with or without public funding
  • Participation with the IRT to H2020 projects (as NPO IRT is 100% funded)

Skills Development

  • Your employees can be integrated in our projects
  • We can provide your business with dedicated training
  • Possibility to pre recruit PhD Student and / or PostDoc to be hired at the end of the project.
  • The IRT's industrial property is potentially available