About IRTs

Eight IRTs were created in France in 2012 as part of the national ‘Investissement d’Avenir’ (PIA) initiative, to work with other tools such as competitivity clusters, SATT for IP valorisation, and IDEX for higher education and fundamental research.

IRTs co-finance and conduct technological research, bringing together the teams and technological platforms in a common facility. Their activities are both local and national, and aim to mature technologies to TRL 3-6.

These specialist multidisciplinary research institutes aim to strengthen competitiveness of French industry on the global market through world class technology research projects, teams and platforms.

Based on a 50-50 private-public partnership between the French government and public research and higher education establishments on one side, and key industrial partners on the other.

IRTs across France

The French Intitutes of Technology Association

In March 2015, the eight IRTs launched the French Institutes of Technology (FIT) Association.
It aims to:

  • Reinforce the attractiveness of IRTs, promoting this way of working on both the national and international stage
  • Communicate directly with the European Commission to ensure the IRTs become established alongside other research and innovation initiatives, the H2020 programmes in particular
  • Promote greater links and communication between the IRTs themselves, to support the best working practices
  • Develop greater coherence in both their activities and where they interact with other PIA initiatives.