How does recruitment work at IRT Saint Exupéry?

Are you planning to apply to IRT Saint Exupéry or perhaps you already have? And you are wondering what will be the next steps in the recruitment process? You will find all the answers to this question in this article.

1st step: Selection of the application

The first step of the recruitment process consists in analyzing your application, the adequacy between your skills and the proposed position, your background and experience, but also your motivation! All applications received are carefully studied.  IRT Saint Exupéry is committed to diversity and inclusion. All applications are studied without any difference of treatment related to gender, age, nationality or any other discriminating criteria. All our positions are open to people with disabilities.

2nd step : Interviews

You are applying for a permanent or fixed-term contract:

Depending on the position you are applying for, especially in the technical fields, you will have one or more technical interviews with a Skills Manager. 

If, after the technical interviews, it appears that your skills meet the criterias set for the position, you will then have an interview with the human resources department to discuss your background, your motivations, or your interest in IRT Saint Exupéry. We will also suggest that you complete a behavioral assessment.

Finally, for the recruitment of permanent employees, you will also meet our CEO.

As part of a secondment within the IRT Saint Exupéry :

A member company can make one of its employees available to the IRT for a research project.

The selection process is the same as for a recruitment on a technical position. You will have a technical interview followed by an interview with the human resources department.

If these steps are conclusive, the IRT and the partner company contract via an agreement of Provision which specifies the position, the missions, the dates of beginning and end of contract and the rate of the secondment.

Our advices for successful interviews?

The best advice we can give you is above all to be yourself.

To prepare your interview(s) we also advise you to have a good knowledge of the IRT Saint Exupéry (jobs, technological axes, skills, projects…), you can find all this information by browsing our website and by following our news on our social networks.

Think also about what the IRT Saint Exupéry will bring to you and what you will bring to the IRT.

3rd step: Establishment of the contract

Just a few more administrative steps by email with the human resources department to get all the informations you need to establish your contract. Congratulations!

How does recruitment work at IRT Saint Exupéry?
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