The IRT Saint Exupéry has sponsored the 9th European Congress ERTS2 with a booth to present its activities in Intelligent Systems & Data and Systems Engineering. Two papers have been also presented as well as two session chairs.

The 9th European Congress ERTSon Embedded Real Time Software & Systems took place in Toulouse (France) from January 31st to February 2nd.

This congress has been organized jointly by 3AF (the French Society of Aeronautic & Aerospace), SEE (the French Society for Electricity, Electronics, and Information & Communication Technologies) and SIA (the French Society of Automotive Engineers).  Aerospace Valley was also partner of this congress.

The 2018 edition has gathered more than 100 talks, 370 participants and 46 exhibitors, with more than 2000 BtoB meetings from universities, research centers and industries.

The IRT Saint Exupéry has presented its activities from the Embedded Systems Domain which is divided in four Competence Centre:

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Intelligent Systems & Data
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation (MDO)
  • Systems Engineering

During this congress, the IRT has focused on Intelligent System & Data and Systems Engineering Competence Centres.

Systems Engineering: Mastering Collaborative Development for your Safety-Critical Systems

The Systems Engineering team has presented its activities aiming to perform research work relating to processes, software and hardware architects, as well as verification and validation managers, with the goal of reducing costs and development cycles.

It also develops methods and tools for:

  • Collaborative approaches
  • High-performance processing platforms
  • Complex critical functions
  • Certification processes
  • Optimisation activities  for systems

Systems Engineering: Mastering Collaborative Development for your Safety-Critical Systems

On its booth, the Intelligent Systems & Data Competence Centre team of IRT Saint Exupéry has successfully presented 5 use cases through its Citadel Platform. IRT Saint Exupéry gathers all the process pipelines, from data collection to benchmarking, aiming to boost application development, research in artificial intelligence, and data processing for all-sizes actors.


  • Automated Land Cover Classification
  • Artificial Intelligence for Mission Planning
  • Automated Object & Change Detection
  • Fasten & Simplify Access to Cloud Computing
Discover the IRT Saint Exupéry Embedded Systems Domain at ERTS2
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