IRT Saint Exupéry co-organized the 5G Technologies on Spatial Segment Forum

On Monday, the 13th of June 2016, IRT Saint Exupéry collaborated with Technical Competences Community – Image and Signal Processing (CCT TSI) from National Center for Space Studies (CNES) to organize a forum on future « 5G technologies – spatial segment ».

These days, 5th generation of mobile communication network (« 5G ») strongly focused the attention of telecommunications stakeholders (Industries, Research centers, Academics …) since operation will be planned in the early 2020s. This ” 5G ” shall be built taking into account the following objectives:

  • Information throughput increase (x1000 / 4G)
  • Reduced latency (1ms purpose)
  • Continuity of service and reliability
  • Secure Internet
  • Integration of Internet Of Things (IOT )
  • Optimization of resources
  • Reduced consumption, etc.

In this context, satellite have a role to play, for instance :

  • Take part of the total capacity increase
  • Cover maritime areas (ships, aircraft) and “white” areas
  • Use as redundancy in case of failure of a terrestrial network / natural disaster
  • Share spectrum with other networks
  • Offload terrestrial signaling via satellite link, etc.

This conference aimed to highlight new satellite technologies that could be considered as part of the standardization 5G. Thus, during the whole day, 9 presentations were held at ISAE (Supaero) premises.

IRT Saint Exupéry Jean-Alain LUCCIARDI took this opportunity to present its work based on a new approach of the FTN (Faster than Nyquist) waveform. This waveform shows significant gains in terms of information throughput and at the same time optimization of on board amplifier resource. Several talks also addressed the SC-OFDM waveform.

These two specific waveforms are studied within the ALBS project (Wide Broadband Satellite Access) at IRT Saint Exupéry premises. Indeed, this project deals with transmission technologies for satellite telecommunications and is focused specifically on 4 issues: advanced waveforms, channel correction techniques (pre-distortion, EQ), smart site diversity and satellite optical links.

This event allowed ALBS project to validate the relevance of his work in international space telecommunications concerns and to contribute effectively in expected innovations for our future all connected world.

IRT Saint Exupéry co-organized the 5G Technologies on Spatial Segment Forum
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