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metallic materials and processes

Our competence center plays an essential role in the development and qualification of materials and processes that contribute to the technical and economic competitiveness of metallic solutions in the structures and systems of aircraft, satellites, launchers, and turbine engines.



Our experts aim at bringing together, in the same team, scientific and technological skills that are both multidisciplinary and complementary. The mix enables us to transfer the results of research projects more rapidly to the industry. The range of competencies includes experts in physical metallurgy, process simulations, thermomechanical modeling, special processes, and physicochemical characterizations.

Through our strategy, we focus on eco-design, sobriety, and sustainability of metallic materials, structures, and systems. Development of tailor-made materials with specific properties (like architecture or functionally graded materials) supports our strategy, as well as material savings, streamlined structures, increased use of recycled materials, or deployment of repair solutions for high added value components.

R&T fields

  • Metallic additive manufacturing
    • powder bed fusion (LaserBeamMelting, ElectronBeamMelting) and laser metal deposition (powder and wire)
    • Design to manufacturing rules
    • building strategies
    • process windows definition (conventional and under-development alloys)
    • repair and functionalization, technological solutions for functionally graded materials (FGM)
  • Forging/closed die forging
    • definition of new thermomechanical routes for very high added-value components
    • Optimized thermomechanical cycles
    • wide use of recycled raw materials
    • hybridization of processes (coupling forging and additive manufacturing)
  • Thermal treatments and hot isostatic compaction
    • optimized cycles definition (technical and economic issues)
  • In-situ process monitoring
    • instrumentation and data treatment
  • Metallurgy of alloys transformed by special processes: impact of process parameters and geometries (scale effect) on materials' physical properties
  • Phases transformations induced by thermomechanical processes: analysis and quantification of phases in presence, morphological and crystallographic textures, etc.
  • Metallurgy of surfaces and interfaces (repair, functionalization, and FGM concern)
  • Mechanical properties of materials and structures
    • quasi-static tests
    • fatigue and cracks propagation resistance
    • toughness
    • impact resistance
    • vibration damping
  • Relationship between micro/macro structures and mechanical properties
  • Mechanical behavior laws of materials and structures
  • Defects databases associated with process parameters
  • Effect of defects on mechanical properties and failure modes
    • definition of acceptability criteria (abacus and numerical approach)
  • Aging
    • stability of microstructures and properties over time due to thermomechanical stresses
    • evaluation of residual mechanical properties
  • High-temperature corrosion and oxidation
  • Use and development of simulation tools for special processes: data processing inherited from process monitoring systems
  • Thermomechanical models of materials and structures: multiscale modeling
  • Architectured materials modeling
  • Thermodynamics simulation in metallurgy

Our offer

  • Special processes parameters development (additive manufacturing, forging, hot isostatic compaction, thermal treatments): process windows and thermomechanical cycles definition for Aluminium, Titanium, Steels, and Nickel based alloys
  • Repair solutions for functional components and tools
  • In-situ process monitoring systems development
  • Design to manufacturing rules linked to additive and forging processes
  • Design, manufacturing, and characterization of architectured materials (lattices structures)
  • Design, manufacturing, and characterization of functionally graded materials
  • 1:1 or reduced scale demonstrators, proofs of concept
  • Physical metallurgy expertise: multiscale microstructures analysis, phases transformations studies
  • Mechanics of materials expertise: materials behavior laws, fatigue and crack propagation resistance studies, fracture mode(s) determination
  • Support in the definition of manufacturing defects acceptability criteria
  • Multiscale mechanical characterization of materials and structures
  • Thermomechanical models of materials and structures (full 3D and reduced models)
  • Instrumented test benches for thermomechanical loading
  • Databases of materials and structures properties integrating manufacturing and post-treatment parameters
  • Machine learning for image analysis and post-treatment of manufacturing data
  • Training, themed workshops

2020 > 2025

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