New year, new us.

2021 began with the reveal of our new graphic identity. An evolution for new objectives and a better readability, while remaining connected to the foundations that have contributed to our development. Discover it now.

“2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of an unprecedented health crisis. But it also marked a significant change in our business model, as desired by the French government. All of this has led us to change our positioning. So the year ended with new economic challenges and stakes, the diversification of our applications, the opportunity to establish new partnerships, such as those signed with ONERA, Mila and Aniti, and a new strategic positioning, including a new visual identity that embodies it. So today, I am therefore very proud to present our new graphic identity.” Denis Descheemaeker, CEO.

This brand new graphic identity, more visible, establish our positioning as a bridge between academic research and industry. It highlights the inspiring environment in which our teams work together to accelerate science, technological research and transfer to the aerospace industry for the development of safe, robust, certifiable and sustainable innovative solutions.

It supports our new strategy, structured around 4 technological axes, working together for the development of transversal technologies to meet the challenges of the aeronautics, space and defense industry, and symbolizes our opening to new sectors such as health, automotive or energy.

It is not a line on the past but an evolution, with multiple references to our roots.

Our model evolves, but our mission is still the same :

  • Promote french technological research for the benefit of the industry established on the national territory
  • Develop the ecosystem for the aeronautics, space and critical systems sectors by providing access to our research projects, technological platforms & expertise
  • Create a link between public and private research in order to facilitate transfer by mobilizing resources from the academic world for the implementation of research in industry
  • Realize collaborative and integrated research projects based on industrial needs with an upstream contribution from the academic community, supported and financed by the French government and industrial members

New year, new us.
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