Innovative Modules for PowER conversIon on Aircraft pLatform


IMPERIAL project is an european project which aims to deliver breakthrough highly efficient and compact AC/DC and DC/AC converters, to be integrated within a robust SEPDC that is able to perform power transmission, monitoring, diagnosis and communications, exploiting the benefits of a full modular approach.



Coordinator: Power System Technology
Duration: 01/01/21 – 06/30/23
Budget :1 000 000 € (EU contribution : 764 000 €)


  • Mass Power density > 5 kW/kg (converter modules, including filtering)
  • Volume Power density > 3 kW/dm3
  • Cope with DO-160G standards
  • Voltage control error less than +/- 0.5%
  • Current control error less than +/- 0.5%
  • Reference tracking within 10ms from the set-point variation
  • Occurrence of total system loss event less than 10-7
  • Reduction of 30% of the test time before integration on the test rig

The IMPERIAL consortium will bring together their world leading expertise in the design and manufacturing of integrated Power Electronics (PE), advanced digital control systems, thermal management and scalable structure to develop an innovative advanced Direct Current High voltage (HVDC) to DC and AC converter for decentralized electrical power distribution network.

The IMPERIAL consortium will combine their expertise in the technical areas of Power Electronics and digital control platform, as well as in modellisation and simulation for aerospace applications.

The concept of IMPERIAL is essentially made of a rackable system called Secondary Electrical Power Distribution Centre (SEPDC) and two rackable power modules converting the distributed bus voltage HVDC +-270Vdc to 28Vdc for the first module and HVDC to 115Vac for the second one. The aim of IMPERIAL is to develop an innovative power converter that is able to perform power transmission, monitoring, diagnosis and communications. The system will be highly efficient, reliable, compact, and light, hence contributing towards higher performances, more efficient and greener future large passenger aircraft. By considering innovative solutions and components technologies for achieving high efficiency, low weight and size, high power density as main targets to fit in high temperature environment, the IMPERIAL project contributes to integrated demonstration and validation to the Systems objectives.


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