AI Village

In the Artificial Intelligence village, the eight IRTs presented their common initiative, EngageAI, which seeks to accelerate, improve, and enrich the usage of artificial intelligence in industrial products and services to support business performance.  IRT SystemX’s augmented reality project Information Voyageurs (traveller information) uses artificial intelligence to imitate human decision-making behaviour. It generates crowds of people and enables users to observe their reactions based on the environment and events. b‹›com was presenting several technical implementations of AI algorithms for image, signal, sensor-data and security processing. These implementations run on b‹›com’s AI platforms (GPU cluster, data center, AI tools). IRT Jules Verne collects real production data, information that is strategic for industrial companies and necessary for validating digital twins. Nanoelec focuses on today’s growing needs for computing power induced by AI in the fields of High-Performance Computing, Embedded Computing, and Autonomous Sensors. With its IRT-3D and IRT-Photonics programs, Nanoelec develops silicon integration technologies to increase performance while reducing consumption. A pioneer in artificial intelligence for spatial imaging, IRT Saint Exupéry is involved with certifiable AI via its DEEL project, an innovative model for international academic and industrial collaboration (IVADO and CRIAQ, Montreal, Quebec).
Photos Lydie Lecarpentier