SICRET progress status and what’s next!

The SiCRET (SiC Reliability Evaluation for Transport) project is entering its third and final year of activity. In the last two years, it has established a rich body of expertise and test best practice. To adress what’s next, SiCRET team organizes a half-day workshop at Safran Tech premises (in Paris) on July 4, from 14.00[…]

Super-G Demonstration Day

“Super-G Demonstration Day” will be held to highlight the practical results of the linked project SUPER-G. This project was launched in February 2019 and will be completed in June 2022. SUPER-G investigated the architecture and associated solutions to support satellite backhaul in a 5G compliant context. This has led to the development of a platform[…]

Digital Image Correlation Day

Digital image correlation (DIC) is a non-contact measurement method that allows tracking displacement and strain fields. Its versatility makes it an increasingly used mean for various applications, from laboratory research to more industrial cases. The COMET Matériaux (MAT) of CNES and the IRT Saint Exupéry invite you to an animation dedicated to digital image correlation.[…]

1st Edition of Forum

The Forum, which was held over two days, October 5 and 6, at the IRT Saint Exupéry Toulouse in the B612 building, was attended by more than 400 people (both face-to-face and remote), members of the program and experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence. On October 5, during this 1st day reserved for[…]

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