Composites Village

In the Composite Materials village, set up on the thermoplastic materials platform where visitors could admire the only impregnation pilot of its type, Jules Verne, M2P, and Saint Exupéry IRTs demonstrated their active participation in implementing and promoting these innovative materials that can decrease structure weight and cost while increasing performance. In fact, they are at the very heart of tomorrow’s transport, construction, and energy industries. IRT Jules Verne presented its Composites workshop and COMPOSTAMP project, and IRT M2P showed its Fast RTM project, a video on pultrusion, and a school project comprising various composite materials. Both CMC (ceramic matrix composites) and CMO (polymer matrix composites) competence centres of IRT Saint Exupéry showed 6 videos, samples, models and demonstrations of thermoplastic pre-impregnation line and extruder, melting infiltration oven, impact simulator, and induction welding robot.
Photos Lydie Lecarpentier