Printed Electrics

Printed Electrics/Electronics gather technologies that are used to create electronic devices by printing on a wide range of substrates. Nowadays, they have been widely used for printing antennas, heaters, OLED and even smart textile. They can eventually be used to print electrical tracks, although there are still challenges to improve printing accuracy or electrical conductivity. On the other hand, the constant needs for customization associated to lead-time reduction from conception to production is most of time a struggle. As the demand of intelligent object expands, printed electrics technologies have evolved to be secure and flexible.


printed electrics/electronics

The new possibilities to customize mass production objects
Their flexibility vs conventional PCBs

Printed electrics/electronics is one of the most promising technologies today and is becoming a major innovation enabler to several industries including aerospace, automotive and healthcare.


What we do?

  • Printed sensors, antennas, filters etc.
  • Printed signal lines, power lines
  • Direct printing on 3D complex shape
  • On-demand formulation
  • Benchmark and testing

we offer?

Knowledge Transfer

Integration of electrical functions (sensors, antennas, conductive lines and paths, etc.) according to your requirements.
Selection of best materials and processes  


Design and production of printed patterns, from sheed coupon to 3D complex object

On Demand Development & Analysis

Ink screening for any application purpose
Characterization of printed components & Failure analysis
Development of specific insulating layers
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