Evaluation of material properties and performance


control & test


thermomecanical fire test

  • propane flame bench
    T° max 1600°C, thermal gradient coupling and tensile test (200kN - 5Hz), measurements: thermal cameras, pyrometers, thermocouples



impact test bench


  • 3 gas launcher
    ø: 40mm, 60mm, 120mm, impact velocities: 50-800m/s, projectile masses: 10g-1.8kg, 5 ultra-fast cameras: 100000 i/s



icing bench

  • Goniometer (in the temperature range -30°C/+160°C)
  • Ice breakout bench
  • Icing tunnel (under study): section: 20x20 cm², NACA profile, speeds: up to 80m/s (at -18°C)

imaging & mechanical testing

  • RX microtomograph (Ø150 mm x 500 mm, resolution: 2µm)
  • microscopes: MEB, inverted optics, confocal, stereo
  • tensile and fatigue machines (± 100 kN) hot (T° max = 1000°C)
  • microdurometer
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