With this Aerospace Industry PhD Acculturation program, IRT Saint Exupéry offers PhD students to visit 2 or 3 Aerospace companies per year. The aim is to make the PhD students better know jobs and careers in such companies.

Usually, the visit is composed of:

  • a presentation of the company and its industrial domain, with a particular technical overview;
  • a focus on research and development activities for which a PhD owner could bring a specific value compared to an engineer who doesn’t come from research area;
  • job and career opportunities for a PhD owner;
  • a meeting with some PhDs working in the company;
  • a visit of platforms and laboratories.

2019 AIDA days

In September 2019, almost 40 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers were welcome by Airbus Defence & Space for discovering its activities in the Space domain.

During 2 days in April 2019, around 20 PhD students visited four industrial partners based in Bordeaux area. They discovered top-level technologies for:

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2018 AIDA day

In April 2018, around 25 PhD students visited Liebherr Aerospace in Toulouse.

2017 AIDA days

In October 2017, around 30 PhD students visited Airbus in Toulouse.

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In June 2017, around 25 PhD students visited Continental in Toulouse.

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