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Back to the highlights of the IRT Saint Exupéry at the Paris Air Show

Photo Credit: AD'OCC / E. Grimault
IRT Saint Exupéry Team with Jean-Marc Heller, Fabio Coccetti & Nicolas Chardourne. Photo Credit: AD’OCC / E. Grimault
The IRT Saint Exupéry was present on the B92 booth, Hall 4 at the 2019 International Paris Air Show and unveiled its offer of technological platforms.

Visitors discovered on the IRT Saint Exupéry booth many samples from its four technological domains such as lattice structures realized in metal additive manufacturing, results of new coatings application for aircraft structures, presentation of innovative assembly means by laser or plasma for space, high performance functionalized thermoplastic tapes prepared on IRT’s impregnation line,  as well as demonstrators in the more electric aircraft field such as power converters.

In addition, the IRT Saint Exupéry was present on the IA & Big Data booth organized by Dassault Aviation and unveiled a new video and web site about Artificial Intelligence for Critical Systems, DEEL Project.

Numerous visitors and conferences keep our team and partners busy in developing new opportunities.

Back to this week!

Monday, June, 17

Freshly arrived at the Paris Air Show with the delegation of the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the IRT Saint Exupéry, Geneviève Fioraso, was invited to the microphone of Ersin Leibowitch of France Info to talk about her long term vision of the IRT Saint Exupéry.
On the same day, Ariel Sirat, CEO of the IRT Saint Exupéry, participated to a France-Canada Seminar on Artificial Intelligence applied to critical systems. It was the opportunity to present the DEEL project led by the IRT Saint Exupéry with ANITICRIAQ and IVADO.
Geneviève Fioraso, President of the IRT Saint Exupéry, Bruno Lemaire, Minister of the Economy and Finance and Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in the official delagation of the Paris Air Show – photo credit: GIFAS
France-Canada AI Seminar with Ariel Sirat, CEO IRT Saint Exupéry

Tuesday, June, 18

Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie Region visited IRT Saint Exupéry booth. Geneviève Fioraso, Ariel Sirat and Stéphane Hollard, Technical Director of Research and Development at Aubert & Duval presented the MAMA project to her.

This IRT project focuses on the hybridization of conventional metallurgy and additive manufacturing for the creation of new innovative processes.

On the same day, IRT team met representatives  of PFA (Plateforme Française Automobile – French Automotive Platform) to discuss about new opportunities for inter-sector collaborations. 

Geneviève Fioraso, Bruno Sportisse & Carole Delga on IRT Saint Exupéry Booth

Wednesday, June, 19

Aubert & Duval organized a press conference on its booth with IRT Saint Exupéry and Sciaky. They presented to journalists, MAMA Project and the new IRT Platforms which will be located at Aubert & Duval in Pamier.

About the Project

The MAMA – Metallic Advanced Materials for Aeronautics project (which began in July 2018) carried by the IRT Saint Exupéry and its members, Aubert & Duval, Airbus and Sciaky aims to combine conventional metallurgy – high power forging or forging – with emerging 3D additive manufacturing techniques by wire deposition, to develop new manufacturing processes for aeronautical parts made of titanium alloys.

AI for Critical Systems Conference participants
A series of conferences were organized on the Quebec booth all week. Grégory Flandin, DEEL Program Director at IRT Saint Exupéry participated to one of them with Alain Aubertin President & CEO of CRIAQ, Gilles Savard, CEO of IVADO, François Laviolette, Director of the Big Data Research Center at Laval University and Siegfried Usal, VP Digital Innovation and General Manager Thales Digital Solutions at Thales. The objective was to exchange about artificial intelligence for critical systems issues, Toulouse – Quebec partnership and the cooperation of CRIAQ, IVADO, Thales, ANITI and IRT Saint Exupéry on the DEEL Project.

Thursday, June, 20

Nadia Pellefigue, Vice-President of the Occitanie Region, came to meet the teams of the IRT Saint Exupéry. Patrick Zaffalon, Platforms Director at the IRT Saint Exupéry has presented the new projects that the IRT is currently carrying out.

Friday, June, 21

This day was mainly dedicated to students and recruitment offers. Our HR staff were present to entertain candidates

DEEL Project