Batteries and supercapacitors for electrochemical energy storage by Patrice Simon, Professor at University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier / CIRIMAT

Event information

Start date :10/11/2015

End date :10/11/2015

Location : Amphi. 2 - MRV, 118 route de Narbonne, 31400, Toulouse


Climate change and the decreasing availability of fossil fuels require society to move towards sustainable and renewable resources. As a result, we observe an increase in renewable energy production from sun and wind, as well as the development of low-CO2 emission Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV). Since the sun does not shine during the night, wind does not blow on demand and we all expect to drive our car with at least a few hours of autonomy, energy storage systems (ESS) start playing a larger role in our lives. Among them, electrical ESS, such as batteries and Electrochemical Capacitors (supercapacitors), are at the forefront.

In this talk, we will present the main electrochemical energy storage devices, with a focus on Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. After a presentation of applications and key features/performances of these devices, we will try to show an over-view of the next chemistries which are currently under development or in early stage of the research together with the key challenges they are facing, paving the way of future battery technologies.


PSimon_IRTseminarPatrice Simon is Professor of Material Science at the University Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier / CIRIMAT (UMR 5085). His research is focused on the synthesis and the characterization of nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy storage sources, including electrochemical capacitors and Li-ion batteries.

He is director of the Alistore European Research Institute (www.alistore.eu) focused on Li-ion battery research and Deputy Director of the French network on Electrochemical Energy Storage Source (www.energie-rs2e.com/fr).

Patrice Simon was granted with an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council in 2012 (Ionaces project), to develop research on microporous carbons for supercapacitor applications. He holds the Chair of Excellence from the Airbus Foundation “Nanomaterials for embedded energy storage sources”.

In 2015, he received the Silver medal of the CNRS and the International Award on Nanotechnology International Prize Rusnanoprize2015.