Scientific and technological strategy of DCNS, Gilles Langlois, Executive Manager, DCNS Research & Chief Executive Officer, SIREHNA

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Start date :01/09/2015

End date :01/09/2015

Time :15:30

Location : Amphi. 2 - MRV, 118 route de Narbonne, 31400, Toulouse

DCNS is a world leader in naval defence and an innovator in energy. As an international high-techcompany, DCNS uses its extraordinary know-how, unique industrial resources and capacity to arrange innovative strategic partnerships to meet its clients’ requirements. The Group designs, builds and maintains submarines and surface vessels. The Groupalso proposes services for naval shipyards and bases. In addition, the Group offers a wide range of sea-based renewable energy solutions. DCNS is sensitive to the challenges of corporate social responsibility and has signed the United Nations Global Compact. The Group reports revenues of €3.1 billion and has a workforce of 13,130 employees (2014 data).
DCNS Research is the Research center of DCNS. It aims to contribute to the preparation of DCNS’s future by:
1. Leveraging the competitiveness of DCNS products in a high-value market through innovation, raising future technological obstacles.
2. Developing new skills for the group thanks to the network of experts and DCNS to meet the technical challenges of DCNS products throughout their life stages (development, production, maintenance, …)
Spearhead of the Group’s R&T, thanks to the alliance of expertise, research and modeling, DCNS Research contributes to the vision of the group and its development. Thanks to its recognized expertise in France and DCNS DCNS Research capitalizes on past and current experiences of DCNS programs and consolidate technological and industrial base DCNS.
DCNS Research numbers are 150 people:
– 120 people based in Nantes on 2 sites (Nantes-Indret with CESMAN and the campus of Central School with SIREHNA)
– 30 people at Cherbourg (Marine corrosion center), Bagneux and Toulon.
Research DCNS accelerates innovation thanks to the integration of SMEs Sirehna which has a capacity prototyping and production of small series of embedded real-time systems
SIREHNA aims to contribute to prepare the future of DCNS developing new skills in real-time embedded systems with high added value.The expertise of Sirehna is to design and prototype embedded systems both for applications in R & D, either for DCNS programs, either for its own customers.Sirehna has a recognized expertise in the field of platform dynamics control systems (dynamic positioning systems for military ships or military for PIRIOU, DCNS, …) with the medium-term objective of developing its core solutions towards products more high added value including drones and some technological elements of the combat system and so provide the group with competitive solutions.
Pays de la Loire French Region: a favorable ecosystem
Thanks to its privileged relations with the EMC2 pole, DCNS Research is exploring new ways to accelerate the transfer of knowledge from academic world and other industries to DCNS projects and programs (Open Innovation). For example :
– Searching breaking technical solutions that could change the game
– By working on projects in partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, University of the pays de la Loire, STX, but also other major groups such as Airbus, and many SMEs in the IRT Jules Verne.
– By developing a collaborative platform bringing together a set of resources that will accelerate prototyping and thus the increase in TRL innovations to Technocampus OCEAN Bouguenais
– By accessing additional funding to those of DCNS (PEA Investment Programs Future, H2020, …)

By concentrating resources, researchers, innovators, needs in a highly industrial environment on the platform of Technocampus OCEAN, DCNS, for the “Cross-fertilization”, seeks to increase the value of its R & D to develop future technological barriers ( technological barriers) of DCNS products.


Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Science, MIT, Boston, USA.

1994: Manager of Composite material structure design department at DCN.

1995: Manager of Hull structure design department at DCN.

1996: Naval Architect at bid department at DCN.

2000: Naval Architect and design authority for Singapore New Frigate Program at DCN.

2005: Whole Warship Architect for FREMM Frigate (French and Morocco) at DCNS.

2010: Business/Product Development director for Surface Ship Systems at DCNS.

2014: Executive Manager, DCNS Research & Chief Executive Officer,  Sirehna