IEEE Summer School 2017

Nanoelectronic technologies and devices – From basic principle to highly reliable applications

Organized by IRT Saint Exupéry - July 10 to 14, 2017

Location: LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse (France)

Nanoscale technologies are flooding the entire world and undeniably spreading across the world becoming increasingly pervasive. Nanoscale technology runners such as manufacturers, designers, end-users, or laboratories, are surfing and running on this sphere, pulling and pushing disruptive technologies, moving fast to transform emerging tools and transforming communication networks.

IRT Saint Exupery organized last year successfully the first Nanoscale Runners International Forum – NANORUN 2016 and have the willingness to continue such effort to build a long term series of event in this discipline in the coming years and oriented for the benefits of this community.

Today, IRT launches the IEEE Summer School on Nanotelectronics to promote interdisciplinary understanding of Space, Aeronautical, Defence, Nuclear, Transport, Automotive and Telecommunication Systems based on disruptive Nanotechnologies. Industrial, commercial, and government endeavors are focused on developing and pulling off high performance and low consumption systems based on nanoscale products operating under harsh environment and on disruptive GaN (gallium nitride) & DSM (deep sub micron) technologies.

To continue on this exciting route, we offer the first opportunity of a series of annual Summer School in Toulouse area, supported by IEEE Nanotechnology Council and specially designed for PhD students, Post-Docs and young engineers in electronic equipment design and manufacturing, academics, military, defence and industry personnels.

Key Dates, 2017 IEEE Summer School on Nanotechnologies

key date
Open for registration and poster submission MARCH 30, 2017
Early registration date (registration fees 27% saving) received before MAY 26, 2017
Late registration date (regular registration fees) received after MAY 26, 2017
Student Award Program participation (letter from University) received before MAY 26, 2017
Poster submission deadline (2 pages abstract and bios) JUNE 10, 2017
Review poster results to students JULY 1, 2017
SUMMER SCHOOL opening JULY 10, 2017