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IRT Saint Exupéry @ International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites (ITHEC) 2018

On October 30th and 31st, IRT Saint Exupéry took part of the 4th edition of ITHEC, the International Conference & Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites in Bremen, Germany.

Composites are now unmissable in most sectors thanks to their properties, but there’re still some challenges like costs and lead times for high volume production to undertake.

This international event gathered the major actors (executives and researchers from industry, institutes and universities…) of thermoplastic composites for 2 days of high level conferences in high performance thermoplastic composite applications in aerospace and automotive, coupled with poster sessions and booth visits.

Mathieu Chevalier, R&T project manager, Karine Labastie, CMO* platform and processes referent, and Guillaume Mounic, CMO R&T engineer represented IRT Saint Exupéry in Bremen, with some of our realizations, to share their expertise and results on the subject.


*CMO = Organic Matrix Composites

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