Nicolas Bello has defended his thesis on Al-Cu-(Li) aluminum alloys

On 29th december 2018, Nicolas Bello has defended his thesis. Awarded by the University of Toulouse, his work was supervised by CEMES, CNRS (CEMES/CNRS/UT3 Paul Sabatier), the Science de la Matière doctoral school, and IRT Saint Exupéry.


“Long-term thermal ageing effect on two Al-Cu-(Li) aluminum alloys”

About his thesis

The main objective of this work has been conducted between the IRT Saint Exupéry and the CEMES, Université de Toulouse, CNRS laboratory is to reduce production and exploitation costs of aircraft primary structures by evaluating the potential increase of operating temperatures of aluminum alloys. To do so, two already fit-to-fly Al-Cu alloys have been selected and studied: the 2219-T851 and the 2050-T84. These alloys have been characterized throughout ageing treatments up to 10,000h at 200°C with electronic and optical microscopies in order to evaluate the microstructural changes. Standardized mechanical tests have also been conducted to follow the effects of such ageing on the alloys’ properties.


New generation of titanium alloys and high performances light alloys.


  • Alexis Deschamps – Professor at INP Grenoble – Rapporter
  • Véronique Massardier – MdC. INSA Lyon – Rapporter
  • Anne Joulain – Professor at University of Poitiers – Examiner
  •  Christine Blanc – Professor at INP Toulouse – Examiner
  • Joël Douin – Research Director at CEMES, CNRS Toulouse – Thesis Director
  • Céline Larignon – Project Manager at IRT Saint Exupéry Toulouse – Co-Thesis Director

N. Bello, J. Douin and C. Larignon: (FR)“Un alliage d’aluminium résistant en température pour l’allègement de structure?” – Plasticité 2016, Poitiers (France). 2016

N. Bello, C. Larignon, S. Pérusin & J.Douin : (EN) Dislocation interaction with an Al-Cu aged alloy.” – International Microscopy Congress 2018, Septembre 2018, Sydney – Australie


“Temperature Optimized Aluminium alloy”

The request of the patent AAlOT was lodged on 28/11/2018 under number FR1871972 with this inventors :

IRT Saint Exupéry, BELLO Nicolas

IRT Saint Exupéry, LARIGNON Céline



N. Bello, C. Larignon, S. Pérusin & J. Douin (EN) : “Microstructure changes due to heat treatment and their effects on the plasticity of aluminium alloys“, Plasticité 2017 Rennes

N. Bello, C. Larignon, S. Pérusin & J. Douin (EN)  : “Long-term thermal ageing effects on Al-Cu alloys“, International Conference on Aluminum Alloys 2018, Montréal Canada

N. Bello, C. Larignon, S. Pérusin & J. Douin (EN) : “Aluminum alloys for medium range temperature utilization, Material Research Society” – Fall Meeting 2017, Boston USA

N. Bello, C. Larignon, S. Pérusin & J. Douin (EN) : “Study of the evolution of two Al-Cu-(Li) alloys during thermal ageing.” – International Microscopy Congress 2018, September 2018, Sydney – Australie

Nicolas Bello has defended his thesis on Al-Cu-(Li) aluminum alloys
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