Professional Equality Index 2021

Each year, all companies with at least 50 employees must calculate their professional equality index, a tool designed to address pay inequalities between men and women.

Details of the score obtained:

  • Pay Gap” indicator : 34/40 points
  • Salary raise rate gapindicator : 20/20 points
  • Promotion rate gapindicator : 15/15 points
  • Return from maternity leave” indicator : 15/15 points
  • “10 highest salaries” indicator : 0/10

IRT Saint Exupéry obtained an overall score of 87/100, improving by 6 points its score obtained in 2020. Although we are pleased with this improvement, we continue to work every day to fight against persistent inequalities. Actions are being taken to promote the integration of women at all levels of the company. A special budgetary envelope was also allocated during the mandatory annual negotiations to deal with excessive discrepancies, and thus reduce the pay gap in the “10 highest paid” indicator.

Professional Equality Index 2021
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