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Vincent Bedel has defended his thesis on Processing and optimisation of a conductive poly(epoxy) coating

On 21st september 2018, Vincent Bedel has defended his thesis. Awarded by the University of Toulouse, his work was supervised by both CIRIMAT laboratory (CNRS/UT3 Paul Sabatier/INP), the Science de la Matière doctoral school, and IRT Saint Exupéry.
The high quality and the relevance of Vincent’s thesis contributed to get significant results as a part of COMPINNOV TD project.

Thesis Subject

“Processing and optimisation of a conductive poly(epoxy) / silver submicronic wires coating for lightning strike protection of aircraft structural composite parts”

About this thesis

This work deals with the processing and the study of an extrinsic conductive polymer coating for the lightning strike protection of the aircraft carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) structural parts. The coating consist in a low viscosity bi component high performance poly( epoxy) matrix and silver submicronic wires with a high aspect ratio (AgNWs) obtained by a polyol process. The kinetic parameters, the physical structure and the molecular mobility of the matrix had been investigated as a fonction of the filler content. The surface and bulk conductivities had been measured as a fonction of filler content. lt exhibits a percolation threshold below 1 % in volume. The conduction mechanisms had been studied following an uncommon method of current density measurement as a fonction of the AgNWs content and the temperature. The critical electrical behaviour of each sample had been investigated through the current density method. lt has permitted to understand the phenomenon responsible for the composite’s degradation. Finally, lightning strike tests on representative configurations had been carried out. The ultrasonic inspections have highlighted the efficiency of the poly( epoxy) / AgNW s coating to avoid the structural delamination of the CFRP.


  • Pr. Christian Brosseau, Université de Bretagne Occidentale – Rapporter
  • Dr. Frédéric Léonardi, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour – Rapporter
  • Pr. Florence Pettinari-Sturmel, Université de Toulouse – Examiner
  • Pr. Juan Martinez Vega, Université de Toulouse – Examiner
  • Pr. Sébastien Pruvost, INSA Lyon – Examiner
  • Dr. Michel Bouquet, Airbus/lRT Saint-Exupéry – Invited


Defining multifunctional thermo setting compounds for the aerospace world.

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V.Bedel, A. Lonjon, E. Dantras : “Etude de la cinétique de polymérisation de revêtements composites polymères conducteurs par analyse calorimétrique diatherme”. 2017

V.Bedel, M. Bouquet, A. Lonjon, E. Dantras : “Etude du phénomène de percolation électrique dans les composites à matrice polymère pour une application de protection foudre sur structures aéronautiques”. 2017