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ESREF 2017: IRT Saint Exupéry leads workshops on Photonics and wide-bandgap components

The ESREF 2017, organised by IMS Laboratory and the University of Bordeaux, took place in Bordeaux (France) from 25th to 28th of September .

This year, in addition to the core topics of the conference, ESREF’s organisers have involved the major actors of aeronautics, space and embedded systems industry to provide specific topics such as radiation hardening, very long-term reliability, high/low temperature challenges, obsolescence and counterfeit issues, wide band gap power devices for the more electric aircraft and other embedded system applications.

The 28th edition of this european symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis was the occasion for IRT Saint Exupéry to organise two workshops.
The first one on the topic “Photonic devices and systems: up-to-date technologies, challenges, environment risks and reliability” co-leaded by L. Béchou (IMS/Univ. Bordeaux) and A. Bensoussan (IRT Saint Exupéry/Thales Alenia Space).

The second one about “Wide Band Gap components and systems: needs, challenges, environment risks and reliability” co-organised by A. Durier (IRT Saint Exupery/Continental), M. Meneghini, (Univ. Padova, Italy) et L. Theolier (IMS/Univ. Bordeaux).

IRT Saint Exupéry was also present at this conference with a booth.