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Successful collaboration between ICAM and IRT Saint Exupéry through Double & Bump Project

© ICAM, Thermal-Fluidic Bench

ICAM and IRT Saint Exupéry Presentation awarded as one of the two best-papers at the IMAPS (International Microelectronics Assembly & Packaging Society) – THERMAL 2016 conference in La Rochelle

In the frame of the Double & Bump project (More Electrical Aircraft Domain), IRT Saint Exupéry is developing highly compact power modules with a double-sided cooling interface.

In order to accurately characterize the thermal-fluidic properties of these modules, IRT has initiated a close collaboration with ICAM. Technical activities have been focused on specification, design, assembly and validation of a test-bench that allows the measurement of numerous characteristics: the junction temperatures of the dice, those at the heat-sink base-plate and at the inlet and outlet fluid flow, the mass flow-rate in each cooling branch and the pressure drop across the heat sink.

Part of the results obtained in the activity has been presented at the IMAPS – THERMAL 2016 conference in La Rochelle (last February) and selected as one of the two best-papers with a special focus for the internal IMAPS bulletin.

Participants : 

Within IRT Saint Exupéry :

  • JM REYNES & B. du TRIEU – Research Engineers
  • P. MONFRAIX – Project Manager

Within ICAM :

  • D. ELZO & S. SANCHEZ – Research Engineers
  • J. de MARTRES & G. de RAMECOURT – ICAM Students
  • JP FRADIN – Head of Research Activities

Article Contributor : P. MONFRAIX