LMD-powder process: the DePÔz project has reached a new level of technological maturity through the design and manufacture of a unique demonstrator in record time.

The DePÔz demonstrator illustrates the growing maturity of the LMD-p process through the development of design and manufacturing rules, making the IRT Saint Exupéry a major player in the industrialisation of this technology. Laser Metal Deposition is a promising metal additive manufacturing technology for industrial applications. Indeed, the ability to adapt manufacturing parameters according to[…]

Draw me a project : Pierre-André Baudart, Technical Director @ArianeGroup

The IRT Saint Exupery is producing a series of web and video interviews dedicated to its academic & industrial members. Their high level skills and unique know-how, combined with the skills of IRT employees, make a major contribution to the growing maturity of the results obtained. Interview with Pierre-André Baudart, Technical Director of ArianeGroup, member of the[…]

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