LMD-powder process: the DePÔz project has reached a new level of technological maturity through the design and manufacture of a unique demonstrator in record time.

The DePÔz demonstrator illustrates the growing maturity of the LMD-p process through the development of design and manufacturing rules, making the IRT Saint Exupéry a major player in the industrialisation of this technology. Laser Metal Deposition is a promising metal additive manufacturing technology for industrial applications. Indeed, the ability to adapt manufacturing parameters according to[…]

FIT Forum 2018

The FIT (French Institutes of Technology) association organizes the IRT Forum, the national event which gathers 8 IRT to present their results and their major success in front of their partners, their supervision, the institutional and the collaborators of the IRT. In 2018, the IRT Saint Exupéry hosted the 6th edition which gathered over 400 people on October 11[…]

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