ARCHEOCS project: Architectural Exploration and Optimization on Complex SoCs.

The ARCHEOCS project, launched in November 2020, aims to provide manufacturers in the aeronautics, space and automotive industries with a methodological framework and software tools that meet the challenges of delivering mission-critical applications on multi-core and multi-processor distributed execution platforms. Indeed, to ensure the efficiency of the development and deployment processes of such applications and[…]

Two premieres in Artificial Intelligence on-board satellites

Congratulations to the CIAR project for two space premieres:– Remotely updating, from a ground station, an artificial neural network embedded on a satellite.– Running this neural network on a FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) in orbit. The CIAR project (Chaîne Image Autonome et Réactive / / Responsive and Autonomous Imaging Chain) is studying technologies to deploy[…]

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