Technologies intelligentes

AI-based satellite pose estimation

IRT Saint Exupery is proud to publish an open dataset dedicated to vision based navigation for space rendezvous ! Space rendezvous, the capability for two space satellites to make contact, is crucial for the European space industry, enabling advancements in orbit debris management, human exploration missions, and space services like repairs and transport. At IRT[…]

DEEL: The Robust and Explainable Artificial Intelligence Program Enters Phase 2

DEEL (DEpendable and Explainable Learning) is a project, primarily a collaborative Franco-Quebec research team based in Toulouse (France) and Montreal (Quebec). Launched in 2018, its main objective is to develop new solutions for reliable and explainable machine learning. DEEL is managed by IVADO, CRIAQ, IID, ANITI, and IRT Saint Exupéry. With a budget of €30[…]

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