AI-based satellite pose estimation

IRT Saint Exupery is proud to publish an open dataset dedicated to vision based navigation for space rendezvous ! Space rendezvous, the capability for two space satellites to make contact, is crucial for the European space industry, enabling advancements in orbit debris management, human exploration missions, and space services like repairs and transport. At IRT[…]

FREEzING 2: project dedicated to the development of durable icephobic surfaces for aeronautics

FREEzING 2, encouraged by the promising results obtained from FREEzING (2019-2023), starts at the beginning of March 2024. The aim of the project is to continue the development of durable icephobic surfaces using various surface treatment processes for aeronautical applications, and to assess their performances in a representative environment close to flight test. Project background[…]

Our white paper on CMC’s is now available!

The white paper “Ceramic matrix composites: a field of excellence in France” is now available. It is the fruit of the labours of Laurent Ferres, Director of the Bordeaux site, and our Aquitaine members and partners. ABOUT THE WHITE PAPER This book, written by a group of experts from French industry and academia representing the[…]

COMPINNOV TP2 project: Acting on thermoplastic prepregs to optimise the quality of industrial composite parts!

2023 marks the end of the COMPINNOV TP2 project. Three years of research and development into high-performance thermoplastic composite semi-finished products, giving us a better understanding of the links between prepregs materials and manufacturing processes. Context The IRT Saint Exupéry COMPINNOV TP2 project is part of the French aerospace industry, for aerostructure applications. Most of[…]

ANDDURO project results: from the demonstration part to the critical one.

Since 2016, the IRT Saint Exupéry has been working in close collaboration with 15 industrial members and 4 academic members on establishing links between mechanical performance, microstructures, and parameters of metal additive manufacturing processes, with a view to their wider industrial use in the aeronautics and space sectors. The research work carried out within the[…]

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