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IRT PhD students visited aerospace companies in Bordeaux

IRT PhD students visiting Dassault Aviation company. © Dassault Aviation
With the AIDA (Acculturation Industrielle pour Doctorants en Aerospace) program organized by the Scientific Department, IRT Saint Exupéry offers PhD students to visit 2 or 3 companies per year in the Aerospace domain. The aim is to make the PhD students better know this kind of companies in order to raise awareness about pursuing a career in such companies.

Usually, the visite is composed of:

  • a presentation of the company and its industrial domain, with a particular technical overview;
  • a focus on research and development activities for which a PhD owner could bring a specific value compared to an engineer who doesn’t come from research area;
  • job and career opportunities for a PhD owner;
  • a meeting with some PhDs working in the company;
  • a visit of equipment and laboratories.

For this academic year, around 20 PhD students visited four industrial partners based in Bordeaux area, on April 16-17.

They discovered top-level technologies for:

All PhD students were impressed by the talks given by the hosted companies. They were also very enthusiastic about laboratories demonstrations and contacts they could have with engineers and researchers.