Mike Alexandre has defended his thesis on organic matrix composites

On tuesday, November 14th 2017, Mike Alexandre has defended his thesis. Awarded by University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, his work was supervised by both CIRIMAT laboratory (CNRS/INPT/UT3 Paul Sabatier), IMRCP laboratory (CNRS/UT3 Paul Sabatier), the SDM doctoral school and IRT Saint Exupéry.
The high quality and the relevance of Mike’s thesis contributed to get significant results as a part of COMPINNOVTP project.


« Optimization of mechanical behavior of PEKK / Carbon fibers structural composites by PEKK oligomers thermoplastic sizing ».

About this thesis

The objective of this research is to design and analyze a sizing for PEKK / continuous carbon fiber (CF) structural composites. PEKK oligomers (oPEKK) were synthesized in the laboratory to define the physicochemical characteristics allowing their use as a sizing agent. From these specifications, a “pilot” oligomer was synthesized in order to carry out studies on the sizing formulation. From a study of quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) and artificial neural networks (ANN), the development and optimization of a “solvent-free” sizing formulation was performed. The deposit of this sizing was achieved according to two protocols: we thus produced a “laboratory sizing” and ” pilot sizing “. Mechanical performances of PEKK / CF without and with oPEKK sizing composites were studied by dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). Whatever the protocol is, the sizing optimizes the mechanical performances significantly. It is interesting to note that ” pilot sizing ” is more efficient than ” laboratory sizing “. Besides the advantage of sizing for fiber placement in composite processing, the fiber / matrix stress transfer is optimized. Then, it results in an increase of both storage and loss modulus.


Elaboration of multifunctional thermoplastics materials for aeronautic and space.

  • Pr. Eliane ESPUCHE – Lyon University – Rapporteur
  • Pr. Christophe DERAIL – Pau University – Rapporteur
  • Pr. Florence PETTINARI – Toulouse University – Examiner
  • Dr. Laurent DELBREILH – Rouen University – Examiner
  • Pr. Colette LACABANNE – Toulouse University – Examiner
  • Dr. Emile PEREZ – CNRS Toulouse – PhD Advisor
  • Dr. Eric DANTRAS – Toulouse University – Invited
  • Pr. Mathias DESTARAC – IRT Saint Exupéry – Invited

M. Alexandre, E. Perez, C. Lacabanne, E. Dantras, S. Franceschi, D. Coudeyre and J.-C. Garrigues : “Sonofragmentation : a green process to formulate stable aqueous dispersions of polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) fine particles” – ISGC 2017 (International Symposium on Green Chemistry), La Rochelle (France). 2017

M. Alexandre, C. Lacabanne, E. Perez, D. Coudeyre, E. Dantras, S. Franceschi and J.-C. Garrigues : “Elaboration of thermostable thermoplastic sizing for aeronautic structural TP composites”. Journée des thèses, Univ. Tlse III, Paul Sabatier (France). 2017

Mike Alexandre has defended his thesis on organic matrix composites
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