From September 2014 to December 2016, the INGEQUIP project was conducted at the IRT Saint Exupéry in Toulouse thanks to the contribution of six industrial companies, five technology providers, and four academic institutions. The common objective was to propose and exploit innovative technologies for the design, the verification, and the validation of aeronautical, automotive, and space equipments.

During this period, a team composed of engineers, post-doctoral researchers, and trainees, selected, analysed, experimented, and evaluated various virtual prototyping environments, modelling formalisms, and formal verification methods and tools.

INGEQUIP Project team wrote a book  presenting some of the results of this work. It gives an overview of the methods and tools studied during the project. It shows how they have been applied on small – but representative – examples, and illustrates how they could be implemented on actual industrial projects.

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Project Subject

Methods and tools for collaborative system engineering (system-hardware-software co-design, component-based development methods, formal verification methods).

Zoom on formal verification methods and tools

A process combining formal refinement and formal software verification using Event-B, S3 and Frama-C technologies has been devised to ensure formal verification from system level requirements up to source code through high and low-level requirements.

Taking into account certification recommendations, this process was tested on the automatic rover protection function of the Twirtee demonstrator (Three Wheeled Integrated Rover Test bench for Engineering Evaluation).

Zoom on virtual prototyping environments and modelling formalisms

A co-development approach including system, electronic and software engineering has been created. The approach ensures the continuity and consistency of all artefacts across the complete chain of engineering activities. It is based on industrial standards such as Capella for system activities, AADL for software refinement and IP-XACT for hardware description. The continuity of the design and verification flow is ensured through model transformations that fill any gaps between the different modelling environments.

Virtual platform technologies like those developed by IRT partners Space Codesign and ASTC Design Partners are compatible with the proposed approach. The scalability of the whole development chain has been demonstrated on the Twirtee demonstrator, a smart rover whose HW-SW architecture is representative of avionics-like systems. This methodology has been awarded at the ERTS2 International Conference

Related Publication

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Accomplishement of INGEQUIP Project – Methods & Tools for Collaborative System Engineering
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