Author : Sophie Lacoste

Gender Equality Plan : IRT Saint Exupéry is committed to promoting gender equality in research and innovation

The Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is a document produced by companies promoting actions in favor of gender equality. IRT Saint Exupéry’s GEP was implemented in June 2022 and aims to improve gender equality in the research environment on the following major themes: Through this commitment, we want to play an active role in improving the[…]

Professional Equality Index 2021

Each year, all companies with at least 50 employees must calculate their professional equality index, a tool designed to address pay inequalities between men and women. Details of the score obtained: “Pay Gap” indicator : 34/40 points “Salary raise rate gap” indicator : 20/20 points “Promotion rate gap” indicator : 15/15 points “Return from maternity[…]

ARCHEOCS project: Architectural Exploration and Optimization on Complex SoCs.

The ARCHEOCS project, launched in November 2020, aims to provide manufacturers in the aeronautics, space and automotive industries with a methodological framework and software tools that meet the challenges of delivering mission-critical applications on multi-core and multi-processor distributed execution platforms. Indeed, to ensure the efficiency of the development and deployment processes of such applications and[…]

Two premieres in Artificial Intelligence on-board satellites

Congratulations to the CIAR project for two space premieres:– Remotely updating, from a ground station, an artificial neural network embedded on a satellite.– Running this neural network on a FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) in orbit. The CIAR project (Chaîne Image Autonome et Réactive / / Responsive and Autonomous Imaging Chain) is studying technologies to deploy[…]

Alternance Aerospace : work-study in high-tech fields

Aeronautics, space, embedded systems but also materials, mechanics, robotics, automotive, energy, digital… Find your next work-study program with the Alternance Aerospace forum ! The Alternance Aerospace initiative was created to facilitate recruitment for companies in the aeronautical field, but also to allow students to have easier access to a complete catalog of offers and training.[…]

New year, new us.

2021 began with the reveal of our new graphic identity. An evolution for new objectives and a better readability, while remaining connected to the foundations that have contributed to our development. Discover it now. “2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year of an unprecedented health crisis. But it also marked a significant change in[…]

LMD-powder process: the DePÔz project has reached a new level of technological maturity through the design and manufacture of a unique demonstrator in record time.

The DePÔz demonstrator illustrates the growing maturity of the LMD-p process through the development of design and manufacturing rules, making the IRT Saint Exupéry a major player in the industrialisation of this technology. Laser Metal Deposition is a promising metal additive manufacturing technology for industrial applications. Indeed, the ability to adapt manufacturing parameters according to[…]

Congrats to Saber Chelaghma winner of the SAMPE Europe PhD Student Symposium!

Saber Chelaghma third year PhD student at IRT Saint Exupéry won the Sampe Europe Student Symposium 2017 in Stuttgart. His thesis is supervised by Clément Ader Institute and Airbus. SAMPE Europe The European contest of the SAMPE Student Symposium 2017 took place in Stuttgart (Germany) from 14th to 16th of November. After winning the national selection, Saber took the 1st place of the[…]

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