Pierre Roumanille won the Best Paper Award for his participation in ESREF 2021

Pierre ROUMANILLE, Research Engineer at IRT Saint Exupéry, working on the durability of assembly materials for electronic applications, stood out during ESREF 2021. On October 7, he won the Best Paper Award for his scientific paper which dealt with the subject of Packaging and Assembly Reliability and Failure Analysis, which is studied within the FELINE project of the IRT Saint Exupéry, attached to the Greener Technologies axis.

ESREF 2021

From October 4 to 7, 2021 the 32nd edition of of the European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis took place in Bordeaux. This event allowed international participants to meet and exchange on recent and future developments for the reliability and analysis of micro and nano electronic components.

For equipment manufacturers and service companies, who are always looking for expertise and ever more efficient means of analysis, it was also an opportunity to meet researchers and industrialists.


Solder reliability assessment in electronic packaging involves understanding the impact of thermal and mechanical environment on the solder failure mechanism. This work aims at investigating how the BGA solder fatigue life in thermal cycling is affected by prior isothermal aging.

The Weibull distributions of SAC305 assemblies are considered through failure analysis and microstructural investigations. The main metallurgical effect of isothermal aging observed on solder joints is a strong coalescence of precipitates. The fatigue life was slightly lowered by an extended aging at 100 °C while exposure at 150 °C proved to increase it.

Tin recrystallization and strain-enhanced precipitate coarsening led to intergranular cracking in the solder joints, which was the main failure mode. However, cracking in the PCB laminate was also noticed and mainly present in failed specimens that were previously aged at 150 °C. The prior degradation of the board material near its glass transition temperature and the lower stress in the solder joints due to laminate cracking are proposed to explain the unexpected lifetime extension.


The FELINE project is the result of collaboration between the IRT Saint Exupéry, the IMS laboratory in Bordeaux and the company Elemca in Toulouse.

The objectives of the FELINE project :
  • Reliability assessment for COTS components (up to board level)
  • Model and data based Risk Anlysis methodology
  • Obsolescence management at component level by numerical tools
  • Natural radiation immunity of COTS components

The success doesn’t stop there for Pierre. His prize earned him a ticket to present at the IRPS 2022 (International Reliability Physics Symposium) in Dallas, Texas.

List of scientific publications of Pierre ROUMANILLE

Evaluation of thermomechanical fatigue lifetime of BGA lead-free solder joints and impact of isothermal aging

P. Roumanille, E. Ben Romdhane, S. Pin, P. Nguyen, J.-Y. Delétage, A. Guédon-Gracia, H. Frémont,

Microelectronics Reliability, 2021, p. 114201

From early microstructural evolution to intergranular crack propagation in SAC solders under thermomechanical fatigue

E. Ben Romdhane, P. Roumanille, A. Guédon-Gracia, S. Pin, P. Nguyen, H. Frémont

Microelectronics Reliability, 2021, p. 114288

Early microstructural indicators of crack initiation in lead-free solder joints under thermal cycling

Ben Romdhane, E., Roumanille, P., Guédon-Gracia, A., Pin, S., Nguyen, P., & Frémont, H.

2021 IEEE 71st Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) (pp. 2293-2301). IEEE.

Impact of crystalline orientation of lead-free solder joints on thermomechanical response and reliability of ball grid array components

Ben Romdhane, E., Guédon-Gracia, A., Pin, S., Roumanille, P., & Frémont, H.

Microelectronics Reliability, 2020, vol. 114, p. 113812.

Nouvelle méthode d’élaboration de brasures SAC-X et étude en vieillissement accéléré

Séminaire CNES « Avancées sur les assemblages et brasures sans-plomb », 2019
Bi2(C2O4)3.7H2O and Bi(C2O4)OH Oxalates Thermal Decomposition Revisited. Formation of Nanoparticles with a Lower Melting Point than Bulk Bismuth in Oxygen-Poor Atmospheres

P. Roumanille, V. Baco-Carles, C. Bonningue, M. Gougeon, B. Duployer, P. Monfraix, H. Le Trong, P. Tailhades

Inorganic Chemistry, 56(16), 2017, 9486-9496

Developing new joining materials for low-temperature electronics assembly

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IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC), Toulouse, 2016, pp. 1-2

Pierre Roumanille won the Best Paper Award for his participation in ESREF 2021
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