SICRET progress status and what’s next!

The SiCRET (SiC Reliability Evaluation for Transport) project is entering its third and final year of activity. In the last two years, it has established a rich body of expertise and test best practice.

To adress what’s next, SiCRET team organizes a half-day workshop at Safran Tech premises (in Paris) on July 4, from 14.00 to 17.30.

Please note that, due to limited room capacity, the physical meeting is organized on a first-in-first-served basis. However, in order to allow maximum participation, a confcall will be put in place. Do not hesitate to transfer this to colleagues and potential interested stakeholder. However, the meeting is will be opened to anyone in the second half of the afternoon (session PM2)

To register, please communicate your name and number of participants to the contacts indicated at the bottom of this page. If you attend the meeting online, we will send you the connexion link later on. Attendance is free.


  • Major achievements at T0+24 (Session PM1): this part aims to share with the stakeholder in the field of power electronics (industrials and academics) the most relevant outcomes and best practice issued from the project (lessons learned / testimonies of SiCRET partners).
  • What is next (Session PM2): in this part we would like to present and discuss the follow-up activities known as SiCRET+. The “sequel” of the SiCRET project will be set up under PIA funding scheme (as for SiCRET) and aims to:
    • Keep consolidating and extending the SiC ecosystems for a dependable deployment of SiC technology, and the rich offer proposed by the providers;
    • Move the focus from single die (DUT) to multiple-die module (MUT) by tackling the most relevant PoF associated to multi-chip power modules in order to find suitable test and qualify protocol and optimized design guidelines by integrating safety margin (degradation laws). The project will focus on commercially available solutions (COTS) with a precompetitive approach.


The workshop will take place at Safran Tech permises located in Paris, at this address

You can easily access it from Oly airport (about 1h by car) or from Massay TGV trainstation (located at 30-40 minutes by car).


SiCRET local contact: Stéphane Azzopardi (

SiCRET project contact: Olivier Perrotin (

SICRET progress status and what’s next!
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